If you are interested in buying a server for small business enterprises, know that it does not have to be a pain in the neck. ITsyndicate can provide small business server setup for your business so that you can focus on your customers worrying about any downtime or security breaches.

Best Server For Small Business

Small businesses need a dedicated server to handle basic business operations. What you don’t want is a website that functions incorrectly or orders that do not fulfill properly. This can have disastrous consequences and these customers may never return if they have a bad experience.  We provide the best of small business servers so that you can satisfy the needs of your clients without interruptions.

All of our plans come with a firewall, data analysis facilities, data encryption, data protection, speed and performance monitoring, customizable settings, and free SSL certificates. If you need anything else, such as malware removal, Magento servers, email servers, WordPress servers, DevOps, proactive server management, remote server management services, AWS server management services, or customized solutions for your unique business needs, we have you covered.

Cloud Server For Small Business

It is well known that cloud services are much better than traditional option with physical hardware for numerous reasons. Because these cloud servers are held in a virtualized environment, there is no need to have dedicated physical hardware which can get damaged or suffer from wear and tear.

Cloud servers are also cheaper due to the lack of physical hardware and can provide additional functionality. Cloud servers are typically best for small businesses, but as the business scales, dedicated (i.e. physical) servers might be more appropriate for a myriad of different reasons.

Best Cloud Server For Small Business

Because of the superior nature of Linux as a small business server, it is used by us (and major corporations, such as Google) to provide the highest quality of service. We provide the best cloud server for small business enterprises in a Linux environment. Linux can be a little more difficult to operate, simply because most are not familiar with it and there is not as much online information. But we understand the technology perfectly well and can tweak our services to match your exact business needs.

We have a 99.995% uptime and have configured over 20,000 servers for clients in various locations across the globe. We can provide the best cloud-based servers for small business enterprises. There are many advantages of server for small business and we can provide an Azure server for small business enterprises as well as AWS server for small business enterprises. There are many benefits of secured servers for small businesses and we provide the best cloud server hosting for small business campaigns.

Backup Servers For Small Business

Every business needs backup servers for the purposes of redundancy. In short, if one server fails, the other can take the load. If your server goes down and you do not have a backup, then your business could be sunk if you lose all of the important data. You will also lose business if you do not have a backup.

Having a backup plan for all of your sensitive information is essential. This includes all workstations and devices. There are many ways that data can be lost, not just from a security breach. A hard drive can be lost, stolen, or burned in a fire. We provide secured backup servers for small business enterprises to protect against these events.

Small Business Server Setup

We can setup your small business server for you when you purchase one of our subscription packages. Setting up a small business server on your own can be problematic and lead to difficulties. Further, there are not a lot of professionals who are willing to do it for you, at least not for a reasonable price. For this, you need to go to reliable professionals who specialize specifically in setting up servers for small businesses. It does not make sense to choose any other option and you can’t take risks with security.

Building A File Server For Small Business

Building a small business server on your own is no easy feat and buying a server for small business enterprises can get very costly. Many business owners who attempt to do this soon fail. Don’t make this mistake – get premium file server storage facilities with ITsyndicate right now. A file server is just another name for a business server – its stores  important data and needs to be fast, secure, and reliable.

How Much Does A Server Cost For A Small Business?

Server costs can often vary depending on what you intend to do and what capacity you need. With ITsyndicate, we can provide you with an efficient small business server for just $69.99 per month. This includes 4GB RAM, a 15-minute ticket response, 24×7 support, SSL and domain expiration check, 80 GB SSD, and 2 CPUs.

However, the “best server for small business” subscription might be more suitable.  It comes with 8GB RAM, 4 CPUs, and a 160 GB SSD, on top of the 15-minute ticket response and 24×7 support. This package costs $89.99 per month.

These prices are quite competitive. It typically costs between $100 – $200 to rent a small business server, and the rates will depend on bandwidth, memory, CPU, and disk space. Purchasing a server typically costs between $1000 – $2000.

How To Setup A Server For A Small Business?

Setting up a server for a small business can be very difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. While the basic requirements might be met, you will have to deal with updates and special configuration requirements. It’s just easier to get professional services to set up the server for you.

You don’t have to worry about what server to choose, manual configuration, updates, or technical issues. All of these worries can be dealt with by using our expert services. We provide the best small business servers to enterprises across the globe.

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