DevOps stands for development operations. It is a combination of software development (“Dev”) and Information Technology operations (“OPs”). DevOps services are becoming increasingly necessary for many business enterprises. Traditionally, the software and hardware teams were separate, and this caused a host of issues with regard to testing and deployment. This is why DevOps is now on the rise as opposed to an older model.

Your business may also need a complete DevOps team, DevOps consulting, a DevOps manager, DevOps outsourcing services, DevOps configuration management, DevOps support, and/or general DevOps solutions. Below, we will investigate what DevOps actually is. It is more than just a technical approach, but a holistic integration of business practices, customer engagement, and software deployment.

DevOps Services

Why are we using Devops? What does a DevOps team do? What is the most important thing DevOps helps us achieve? These are good questions. The primary advantages of a DevOps team is that they can help to shorten the business development lifecycle. This means that essential business features and updates can be added in a timely manner. It is also more cost-efficient, because the operations team and software team are combined in one. There are also customized DevOps teams with a focus on security. Such DevOps teams are referred to as DevSecOps.

In addition, the goals of a DevOps team is to automate manual processes that were slow and cumbersome, thus making the business run more smoothly. Normally, a software team would have to engage external help to get certain tasks done (such as code deployment), but a DevOps team can often do this. The DevOps best practices include continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices, infrastructure as code, configuration management, monitoring and logging, and communication and collaboration. All of these practices enhance the software development lifecycle, resulting in better products, safer data, efficiency, and satisfied customers.

DevOps is really just an integration of two formerly separate components (IT and software). The result is a more efficient approach to software development and deployment, at a reduced cost.

DevOps Companies

DevOps is a relatively recent phenomenon, and there are not many reliable DevOps companies available. But the advantages are there and the number of companies is rising. This is because DevOps provides so many additional benefits in comparison to traditional development models. It allows for speed, so solutions can be provided to customers faster than normal. You can innovate on your product more quicker and take advantage of market opportunities before they become obsolete.

It is also more reliable, as DevOps teams are focused on the practices of continuous integration as well as continuous delivery, meaning that all updates and patches are tested for functionality more efficiently. It also allows for more security, increased collaboration, and development at a scale that could not be achieved with separate development and operations teams.

Linux DevOps

It needs to be said that the vast majority of organizations today are currently working on projects that use Linux as a base. Linux can no longer be ignored and it is becoming crucial for developments and engineers to become familiar with this technology. While some projects do focus on Windows, the majority are Linux based. This is why basic Linux knowledge is foundational for an aspiring DevOps engineer. This is also why it is so difficult to hire for DevOps – Linux is often not a standard in university curriculums, with Windows technologies being favored.

DevOps Outsourcing

It can save your business a lot of money if you decide to go down the DevOps outsourcing route. Your software development lifecycle will be streamlined and it will eliminate the gap between the software developers and IT engineers.

ITsyndicate can provide you with a skilled team of DevOps to suit your business needs. Trying to hire DevOps engineers by yourself can be a nightmare and may have an adverse impact on your business, not to mention a very costly mistake. We can provide you with white label support, applications dockerization, serverless architecture, container orchestration, management tools, redundancy, and continuous integration.

DevOps Consulting Services

ITsyndicate can offer you the best DevOps consulting services. As good as DevOps may be, you still have to understand if its a fit for your business. There might be some instances where you don’t actually need a DevOps team and an alternative solution is a better fit. And you definitely don’t want to get the wrong DevOps team, as they can be expensive.

We offer DevOps consulting services to help you understand what the DevOps team actually do, and how they can be of use to your business. We can also provide a host of associated services as we are a comprehensive networking solutions company.

Hire DevOps Engineer

So, why is DevOps recruiting so hard? Well, for one thing, it is a relatively new industry. So there are very few senior DevOps engineers. Developers and IT professionals are used to being on either a software team or an IT team, not a mix of the two. Moreover, much of the existing talent is focused on Windows as opposed to Linux.

In particular, senior network engineers are mainly familiar with Windows, as this is where most of the money has been. It might be a little tricky finding high-quality senior talent in the DevOps field, if you don’t know where to look. Even existing software development project managers are unfamiliar with managing DevOps projects, where IT and software are combined in one.

We are ahead of the curve and have specialized DevOps teams available for hire. We offer 3 plans depending on your unique business needs. All plans cover a basic number of hours, and you can purchase more as needed. For more information, just drop us a line and we’re happy to help. We operate round the clock with 24/7 support to keep your servers secure and your customers happy.

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