If you are running any kind of business model, you are probably looking for Linux server support and management due to its inherent advantages. Linux server support services are in heavy demand but the supply is not there to meet it. It is very popular as a means of supporting small and medium businesses, and many corporate enterprises are also migrating to Linux distributions. But working with Linux can add some complexity, as many web developers do not have the requisite expertise.

Linux Server Support Services

ITsyndicate can help you out with Linux server support services. Our Linux server support cost is quite competitive. Packages range from $69 to $129 depending on the size of your business and the unique preferences that you have, such as the RAM requirements. There are a number of alternative solutions offered by our company. Here are just some of the services on offer:

  • Linux Server Consultancy.
  • Linux Server Outsourcing.
  • Linux Server Cloud Hosting.
  • Linux Server Management.
  • Linux Server Remote Support.
  • Linux Server Remote Management.

In addition, we can also provide linux remote support server, linux fedora server support, support for red hat linux server, linux server with support, plex server and support library for linux, linux server with support redhat, sql server linux support, azure backup server linux support, and linux web server support.

All Linux servers are proactively monitored 24/7 by our team of network engineers. We provide a robust infrastructure to cater to all client needs, which may include file sharing, data storage, development operations, email servers, and much more.

SQL Server Support On Linux

Web-based operations might also need some SQL server support on Linux. SQL is a query language that is often used for web applications. It has a large level of interoperability with the PHP web language.

SQL server Linux support can enhance the efficiency of your online operations in terms of the retrieval and storage of data. In addition, you will get a dedicated account manager, instant notification of any issues, regular updates, security scans, and software installation and configuration when you make use of our services.

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