Hello everyone! We’d like to present our new weekly availability report look!

Dear clients of ITsyndcate!
The availability report you get every week will look kinda different now. Now you’ll be able to see summary statistics for the current and previous period and average availability metric of each host.



On the picture OK metric shows summary availability metric of all services related to this host. To see the detailed availability report of each service – you should follow the link, which you can see in the text below the table. It will transfer you to the client area, where you usually pay for the invoice. (If you forgot the credentials from your client area, please contact our sales team via Skype or e-mail)

If you got lost in the Client Area, you’re able to access the reports in the way shown below: Support → Monitoring Reports.



The next page you see is on the left. You’re able to review the detailed report of each host separately by clicking on the View-button, or perfrom mass review of all available hosts and their services by clicking on View-button on the right to Mass Action.



Any View-button will rise up such window where you’re able to choose the period you’d like the reports to be shown and report type: Short one or Full (that’s exactly what we need!).



Next-button on the previous picture will lead you to the detailed report page and that’s exactly what you need! It doesn’t really differ from the ones we’ve sent you before through the e-mail messages, except for ability to check your services state during various periods. You’re able to see sample of the detailed report on the left.

That’s all! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via: Skype (, e-mail ([email protected]) or phone +1 888-254-0706. And thank you for collaboration!

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Alex Kondratiev
Co-founder & CEO ITSyndicate


weekly availability report

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