In the modern age, people need access to networks without being on a local area network (“LAN”). This increases business productivity to a large degree as employees are not restricted to one physical location.

But it does come with a lot of associated security issues and additional costs in terms of getting set up and organized. ITsyndicate provides business enterprises with remote server and management services with a diverse array of customizable solutions to suit individual business requirements.

This removes the stress and worry of remote server and management services, and is also a very cost-effective solution for data storage and cybersecurity concerns.

Remote Server Administration

Remote server administration refers to any system of remotely managing servers from a remote location. This has a number of benefits for administrators as they can take advantage of computing resources and assign roles to users.

Because of a new mobile workforce, businesses need to allow their employees to gain access to the network without them being physically located in a building. Remote server administration helps with this and is useful in a variety of situtations, not just the workplace.

Remote Server Manager

Of course, the network needs to be governed with a reliable remote server manager. ITsyndicate offers stable remote server management services with a secure remote server manager. When you sign up with ITsyndicate, you will get 24*7 server support management and a dedicated team of professionals to rely on.

We are proactive in our approach to remote server management. All servers are frequently scanned and updated with the latest patches. We always look to optimize and have configured thousands of servers for many satisfied clients, including small, large, and corporate enterprises.

Ubuntu Server Remote Management

We also offer remote management of Ubuntu server as well as remote server management Linux (Ubuntu is a derivation of the wider Linux open source software). Ubuntu server remote management is one of the many services that we provide – we also offer Development Operations (“DevOps”), cPanel, Aws, and Linux server management services.

Network engineers are available around the clock and the average response time for tickets is 15 minutes. This is what we mean by a proactive approach – we are looking to resolve any issues you have as quickly as possible in terms of remote server and management services. And we take a systemic and technical approach to increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing business efficiency.

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