The cost of server monitoring and management can get out of control if you let it. It can prove problematic in terms of finding a good server management provider without a huge server management cost. ITsyndicate may obviate many of these concerns and provide full server management.

Server Monitoring & Management

ITsyndicate is well known as one of the most premier server management companies offering a comprehensive range of services from development operations teams to WordPress hosting. We are more than just a budget management provider and can assist with all aspects of IT development and the integration between commercial requirements and software/hardware configurations.

How To Find (And Reduce) Your Server Maintenance Cost

It is easy to find and reduce your server maintenance cost by using server administration services. Alternatively, send an email to one of our team members who can provide you with a quick quote or just look at one of our online pricing packages.

Total cost per month

Total server management cost per month will be a function of certain business specifications. This is good news for you, as you only pay for what you actually need! The basic package for a smaller commercial entity runs as low as $69.99 and we can provide hardware and software support for WordPress, Magento, Email, Aws, cPanel, and more.

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