Hi everyone!

A year passed since we took our first project and stepped on the way towards becoming a well-known server support company! Last year at the very beginning of this journey there were just two ambitious System Engineers who decided to start a business. And they succeeded. Now, 12 months later, we are proud to say that ITsyndicate is administering about 900 servers, have successfully accomplished over 350 projects and today we have a team of dedicated professionals who constantly work on company growth.

Having gained experience, we updated the website and also launched our own blog where we are going to post useful information for our clients, interesting articles, manuals, best experience, projects, etc.

The world doesn’t stand still and neither do we. ITsyndicate is planning to widen horizons and start providing more extensive range of server managing services. Recently we have launched some support projects. Our stuff is honing skills of technologies we already use as well as acquiring expertise in utterly new areas.

Our team will be glad to receive the feedback from our clients with the expectations and estimation of our work. We intend to take our services to the next level of proficiency and we cannot do it without your objective meaning.

So you are welcome to leave your messages.

Thank you everyone for collaborating with us!

The Author

Alex Kondratiev
Co-founder & CEO ITSyndicate



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