How to Choose the Best Dedicated Server for Your Business?

How do we decide if web hosting is good? Are bandwidth and disk storage functions important now? What type of hosting should you go with? Let me help you find the answers to these questions and more.
Performance. Do not share server resources with anyone, unlike other types of hosting. All resources are only yours 100%. And, as a result, the speed of response is faster.
Security. Obtaining unauthorized full access to a dedicated server is more difficult due to the location of the database and the web server on different machines. “Neighbors” cannot affect the performance of the server, because they are not.

Flexible settings. Separate placement of the database and the web server allows constant access to resources during technical work.

Ability to install your software. It can be either standard software or programs specialized for processing video content or online broadcasting and much more necessary for the operation of your resource.

Stability in work. This is not communal, this is a house. Guests only come to you. The risk of overload is unlikely.

Implementation of projects of any complexity. Any software + dedicated server resources = creation of almost any projects on the Internet.

How to choose a dedicated hosting server?

If you are thinking about starting a website, then you may have come across the term “web hosting”, not fully understanding what this means. When you see that web hosting is usually expensive, you may ask yourself: “Do I need web hosting?” The short answer is yes. If you want to have a website, you need web hosting. But you can feel better about the costs, if you understand what website hosting is.
Choosing a hosting plan is not always easy. Even though you know all about the different types and understand their unique advantages and disadvantages, you cannot be sure how to use that information to make an informed choice. If you opt for a basic plan or something more advanced such as managed hosting? You'll be glad to know that finding the answer to this question doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, there are a few easy ways to tell if a managed WordPress hosting plan is right for you. In this article, we touch on what managed WordPress hosting is, then you offer four reasons you might want to try for yourself. Finally, we introduce our own managed WordPress plan. Let's start!
You do not need a special WordPress hosting, just a hosting package that meets the requirements. PHP 5.4 or higher MySQL 5.5 or higher Apache mod_rewrite module (to enable Pretty Permalink) You can get regular hosting if you choose or managed server for Wordpress. Depending on the type of account, you can place several installations of WordPress, as well as several domains from a single hosting account. All you need to do is go to their applications and install WordPress. We have a very good master, and it is easy to create.
You can get regular hosting if you choose us as your provider. Depending on the type of account, you can host several sites, as well as several domains from a single hosting account. All you need to do is go to their applications and upload your website. However, our server is optimized for large sites where you need maximum bandwidth.
Small organizations do not always need large capacity, but centralizing the IT infrastructure will not harm even a small company. Specialized equipment has certain advantages over consumer equipment that can significantly improve the efficiency of labor. You can buy a server for small business with us. In the presence of devices for a small number of users capable of performing useful tasks of low complexity.
E-mail is still one of the most important elements of business communication. Therefore, business processes within the company depend on its reliable operation. What are the distinctive features of our email hosting? - Reliable antispam and antivirus filter from Spam experts - Convenient web interface for working with mail - Support for modern encryption standards - Functional: address book, mailing lists, answering machines, etc.
Renting a virtual server from ITsyndicate, you are deprived of many of these problems. You just get the necessary power to maintain the high load site. We repair any damage at our own expense, without blocking access to your site. There are no costs for the internet and electricity.
Dedicated server is a type of hosting, in which the client is completely provided with a separate physical machine (as opposed to virtual hosting). Usually used to run applications that can not coexist on the same server with other projects or have increased resource requirements. Managed dedicated server: As part of the ""Managed dedicated server"" service, we provide a fully configured server with special software that is used on our virtual hosting servers. The client is given the opportunity to manage the server as if its sites are located on a virtual hosting server, while you can use the full power of a dedicated server. You have the ability to connect to the server via ssh, but root access to the managed dedicated server is not provided. - Automatic backup of files and databases. - Installing operating system security updates. - Formation of analytical reports with information about the load on the web and mysql server. - Filtering DDOS attacks on the server. When filtering, only attacking bots are blocked, -regular site visitors are not blocked. - Tweaking MySQL for optimal use of server resources and maximum performance. - Ability to use the APC accelerator on the server and set the parameter realpath_cache_size = 4096Kb (for the bitrix system). - Ability to use PHP modules: ffmpeg, memcached - Ability to use the nginx module: flv"
Servers are professional and productive equipment for small, medium and large businesses. Server systems are used to provide autonomous work without direct user participation. A powerful model is a key to success in any activity, as well as tremendous opportunities for processing a large amount of information. These products are globally different from a standard desktop computer, as they can work around the clock and seven days a week. And they also provide unparalleled reliability, redundancy, and minimal downtime.
The server allows your employees to share information and interact with each other because it acts as a central repository for all your documents, images, contacts and other important files. It is possible to host an intranet portal so that employees can exchange information quickly and without delay. Install a virtual corporate network, then you and your employees will be able to have remote access to information located on the server from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. On top of that, the server can automatically back up the desktop and portable systems, so you will never lose important information if one of the computers fails or you lose it. Servers are designed to provide reliability, security, and fault tolerance, with reduced storage options. If you are planning to expand your business, choose the server that can be scaled and that will grow with your business.
Cloud hosting is a hosting innovation that has become very popular in recent years. To implement this system, several physical servers are used at once. The advantage is that this type of hosting is incredibly reliable, because even if some of the servers fail, others will take over the workload and this will not affect the operation of the website. Another advantage The advantage of cloud hosting is that it is more affordable than dedicated (and even the best VPS) servers. Such hosting can be used for almost any kind of sites, since has a huge number of settings. You can determine the amount of memory, the size of the hard disk, the processor and more. It is also possible to add additional resources if you need, and this is often difficult for other types of hosting.
This is a fairly simple point that you shouldn’t focus on, but it’s still worth mentioning: developers don’t make any special restrictions on the server and its software - WordPress will work better on Linux servers: more features. Versions of PHP and MySQL should not be "ancient", focus on the newer ones - versions of PHP 7.x work significantly faster when compared with previous builds, and some plugins do not support old software at all.

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