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A complete and ready-to-use PHP development environment for Linux. We will provide you with all the important resources for development, including the Apache web server, MySQL Server and other tools.

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Best Servers for PHP Development


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Maximized Site Speed

Maximized Site Speed - Our servers use only high-quality components that help you achieve the maximum speed of your site/app.

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An Internal Firewall

We can quickly block offending IPs or hacker attacks in real time, before they can unfold.

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Our Dedicated Support

Our experts are online 24/7/365 and ready to help you on the server side at any time of the day.

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Installing different versions of PHP

We can install/reinstall the version of PHP that you need. All you need to do is create a ticket to our engineers and submit it until it is completed.

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Monitoring and collecting metrics from your server

We collect metrics from your server and store them. Metrics help us to analyze and find out exactly what the error was and how to avoid it in the future.

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Installing a free SSL certificate

Do you need an SSL certificate but you do not want to buy it for a year and pay for it? we have a ready solution to this problem.

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Get free Website Transfers

Moving your website from another Web Host? Chat with us and our Account Manager will do the cPanel to cPanel website migration for you, completely Free of charge! Also, you can upgrade between plans on Shared Hosting by yourself from your panel.

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Data Caching

We cache frequently accessed site content in the server RAM so that future requests for the cached data will be processed faster. Also, we deploy servers with large amounts of RAM to make sure that bigger chunks of site content are cached efficiently as well.

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Super web speed

We have built a platform where the server workload is distributed between a few machines instead of just one, which accelerates the processing of server requests significantly. This way mails will go through faster, web applications will perform faster and sites will load faster.

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Bandwidth Redundancy

We avail of 2-4 Gbps of bandwidth, instead of the 1-gigabit-per-second network connection quota assigned to a server by default. This helps us avoid a network channel overload that could lead to loss of data packets and hence to downtime due to traffic overuse.

World-class Data centers With Premium Connectivity.

ITsyndicate NETWORK

South Carolina Data Center

3379 Ashmor Drive,

San Diego Data Center

4708 Ocello Street,

LOWPOINT Data Center

1873 New Creek Road,

Jackson Data Center

3455 Devils Hill Road,

South Carolina Data Center

4848 Marion Street,

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Get best plans for more Power

Our best server for PHP development is the best-in-class solution, with additional optimization to make running a PHP application development or web site too easy. Our prices for server for PHP development are clear.

  • We've been supporting server for PHP development since the beginning.
  • Perfect for large sites or agencies managing multiple clients.
  • Our easy-to-use control panel
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Powerful Server for PHP Development and Platform

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Better Security and faster Server

Your PHP application or website will run faster than any other host with us.

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Faster Site More Business

In business ever lead, ever phone call, ever sales matters. Test after test have shown that the faster your website is the more leads, phone calls and orders you will receive.

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Faster Site More Visitors

Not only that the amount of traffic you will receive from the search engines like Google is also increased for faster sites, as they will rank your site higher.

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