DevOps solutions

If you want to speed up a team cooperation and avoid many conflicts that may arise during the development or production, ITsyndicate is able to easily help you to reach this aim.

Our team provides a full spectrum of the DevOps services, starting with a simple server deployment and ending with a designing of complex CI and CD workflow for maximum automation of interaction in the client’s dev team.

In addition, our engineers take over the configuration, optimization and monitoring of the infrastructure allowing a client to focus on his tasks without being distracted by setting of the foundation of his system.

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Our DevOps solutions service will help you to:

Get turnkey solution

We fully take care of the working-out of the solution for your company.

Save your time

Keep working on your brilliant ideas and leave the technical routine to us.

Get answers to any questions

Want to know the tiniest details? We're here to help!


You should hire us because we provide the high quality services for the affordable price.

Our main benefits are:

Team of competent experts
24/7 support
Dedicated account manager


How it works

Task definition

To start the working process we specify:
  • What tasks should be performed
  • What tariff plan is the most suitable for you according to the specified requirements
  • The frequency of reporting

Achievement of your goals

The team of our professionals solves the task in three steps:
  • Analyses all the needs of your company in detail to fully satisfy them
  • Applies the solution
  • Always keeps an eye on server health to be sure that everything works properly

At the finish

After all work is done you receive:
  • Reports on work performed
  • Optimization and higher productivity of your teamwork
  • Answers to all questions on the working process

What we do

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