Arsen Makhmudov

Arsen Makhmudov

The fate brought us with ITsyndicate two years ago when our company was looking for intelligent system administrators for configuration and support of the server with some ecommerce websites.

The first dialogue was conducted with the CEO Oleksii Kondratiev and he appeared to be a wise, reasonable and what’s more important professional person. We expounded our tasks and Oleksii suggested several ways to solve the issues and recommended the most efficient among them. After a short period of time, we understood that we were right in our decision as the server was optimized according to our requirements and the e-shops felt excellent on the server :slightly_smiling_face:

The most important thing for us is a stable work of our projects and ITsyndicate just excellently perform this job. If any issue appear, they tackle with it on-the-fly and of course let us know about it.
Sometimes we have non-standard requests regarding our projects, which are not included in the selected support plan, but even in such situations ITsyndicate’s employees are very responsive and are always ready to provide a piece of advice and solution.

Our company would like to express our sincere thanks to ITsyndicate’s team for their professionalism and high efficiency in solving system administration tasks.

We recommend ITsyndicate!

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