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DevOps engineers and system administrators from ITsyndicate team provide best services which are backed by huge experience collected during 10 years of hard and interesting work.

Continuous integration & delivery setup
Auto or manual scaling and load balancing
Process and workflow automation
Performance optimization and tuning
Automatic fault tolerance configuration
Infrastructure design and building
Advanced logging solutions integration
Security hardening

Dedicated account manager

You'll have a single person, who will be responsible for your billing and sales questions and you'll always be able to get in touch with him / her to discuss the problems you have and solve them.

Flexible solutions

Every solution we implement is based on the most important things, which are our client's needs. Our experience, skills and wide knowledge of various technologies allow us to provide you with the most cost-effective and comprehensive solutions.

Estimation and planning

Each project we take passes detailed reviewal and estimation. We take this stage really seriously as correct plan and estimation give 40% of the project’s success. Before starting the work you’ll be provided with a document, that includes all `what’s`, `why’s` and `how’s`.


Each of our support team has 8-10 years of experience in system administration / server management area. We deliver only triple-checked and tested solutions and are able to provide kind suggestions / recommendations for our clients, so they can get the most cost-effective satisfaction of needs.

24x7 management

Setup, configuration, documentation, and test of the solution is one thing. Further management and support are totally another. Every solution needs to be taken care of like your favorite car needs maintenance from time to time. And it’s always good to have a reliable team that is available round-the-clock and keeps an eye on well being of your infrastructure.


Our monitoring tool gives us a detailed picture of various server's metrics which allow us to predict the places where the problems may appear and optimize & harden them. Automation of routine tasks and processes allows us to configure the system in a way that it will auto-heal itself and majority of the issues will be tracked and solved even before they actually happened.
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