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Dedicated account manager

You'll have a single person, who will be responsible for your billing and sales questions and you'll always be able to get in touch with him / her to discuss the problems you have and solve them.


Each of our support team has 8-10 years of experience in system administration/server management area. We deliver only triple-checked and tested solutions and are able to provide kind suggestions/recommendations for our clients, so they can get the most cost-effective satisfaction of needs.

Flexible solutions

Every solution we implement is based the most important things, which are our client's needs.Our experience, skills and wide knowledge of various technologies allow us to provide you with the most cost-effective and comprehensive solutions.

24x7 emergency support

With us you can feel yourself totally carefree at any time of day and night. There is always a responsible person on duty, who takes care and keeps an eye on your projects, and if something goes wrong will react immediately to get your server / website back online. We guarantee that you won't be left behind in such cases.

Fast response time

The most frequently asked question is: "What is your response time?" We guarantee 15 minutes response time during our working hours and immediate reaction in case of emergencies in any time of day or night.


Our services are directed to prevent the issues from happening, not to deal with them after they occurred and messed everything up. Our monitoring tool gives us a detailed picture of various server's metrics which allow us to predict the places where the problems may appear and optimize / harden them.

Our experts are best in:

Initial server configuration

The best setup for a new server

Website performance optimization

Boost speed of your website

Backup services

The system and database backup configuration

Servers hardening

Enhance your server security

Server-side scripting services

Bash, Python, Ansible scripting

Server restoration

The server and/or database restoration

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Average uptime


Certified experts


Average response time

15 min

Servers configured


Some popular technologies we are working with

  • php
  • python
  • linux
  • nginx
  • apache
  • ansible
  • jenkins
  • MySQL
  • docker
  • wordpress
  • drupal
  • magento
  • gcpanel
  • kubernetes
  • proxmox

and dozens of others…

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