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AI-based legal platform


An AI-based legal consulting platform helping users from the USA save time using advanced technologies and processes to prepare cases before filing them in court.


We have started our collaboration back in 2018. Since then, we have come a long way, from project migration to Kubernetes (K8S) to support and improvement.


The client was looking for a dedicated team of DevOps professionals who specialized exclusively in their niche to develop, improve, and support their innovative project.

Our tech story

In 2018, a forward-thinking AI-based legal consulting project sought our expertise to elevate its initial product into a dynamic, scalable platform capable of transforming the legal consulting field. Their aspiration was clear and compelling: leverage technology to revolutionize how legal consulting services are delivered.

Our first course of action involved migrating their system to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), specifically focusing on utilizing Kubernetes for its robust scalability and adaptability. This move was critical, establishing a durable infrastructure that would support the platform's growth and adaptability for years to come.

AI Legal Consulting Evolution

Central to our collaborative efforts was an unwavering dedication to reliability. We committed to and achieved a 99.9% uptime, reflecting our detailed planning and the resilient nature of our chosen cloud infrastructure. This level of reliability empowered the firm to broaden and enhance their offerings, secure in the knowledge that technical issues would not impede their progress.

During our cooperation, the commitment to achieving outstanding excellence has remained determined, guided by the collective goal to simplify and improve legal service with cutting-edge technology. Looking ahead, our ongoing partnership with the client symbolizes innovation, demonstrating the significant impact of uniting a brave vision with refined technological improvements.

Legal Tech Reliability & Innovation
Team's technical expertise

Project roadmap

2018 - 2019

Onboarding and sustainable development

Involving our Solution Architect at an early stage led us to lay a solid foundation for further project development.

2019 - 2022

Automation and implementation of best practices

Total automation made it possible to reduce personnel costs and speed up time to market.

2022 - 2023

Reliability and fault tolerance

Our SRE specialists focused on improving the monitoring and logging system, which allowed us to respond to problems faster and proactively.


Improvements and security accreditation

The world of technology doesn't stand still, and our project is keeping up with the times. Focusing on security is our next challenge.


Enhancing Security

Enhancing Security

Implementing rigorous security measures, including IAM, automated key rotations, and comprehensive network controls.


Tableau Server Management

Integrating Tableau for advanced analytics, requiring specialized setup and maintenance within our Kubernetes environment.

24x7 Monitoring

24x7 Monitoring

Establishing around-the-clock monitoring to identify and resolve issues, ensuring uninterrupted service preemptively.

Our tech solution

We conduct a detailed planning and design phase to create a robust cloud architecture. This foundational work ensured the platform was scalable, resilient, and perfectly aligned with the client’s ambitious goals.

Design of Architecture

Our jump to Kubernetes was a big deal for us. It allowed us to scale the platform as needed and made managing different parts of the system more accessible. It was about ensuring we could grow without being held back by technical limits.

Moving to Kubernetes

Adopting IaC was an intelligent move. It made setting up and managing our systems much smoother and reduced mistakes. It sped things up, making our deployment process more reliable and easier to repeat.

Using Infrastructure as Code

Getting our CI/CD pipelines up and running made a huge difference. It meant we could deliver new updates quickly and without fuss. This was key for keeping things moving fast and letting us focus on improving without worrying about the deployment.

CICD Setup and Development Process Support

Offering 24/7 support showed our commitment to keeping everything running smoothly. It was all about ensuring the platform was always up and performing well, giving users a great experience no matter what time it was.

24x7 AI-Based Application Support
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