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24/7 monitoring

Efficient cloud data management for business success

For businesses of all sizes that depend on reliable and safe cloud data management. We understand your data is important, and managing it is critical to your operational success.

With our service, companies can leverage the power of real-time monitoring, ensuring their cloud-based operations run seamlessly around the clock. Whether you're a small start-up managing a single cloud-based application or a large corporation overseeing complex cloud infrastructures, we offer unmatched server monitoring and support.

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Our technology stack & tools we use

Look after your cloud infrastructure

Your cloud infrastructure needs attentive care to function at its optimal capacity. That's where our infrastructure monitoring service steps in, providing around-the-clock surveillance of your cloud system. This constant care allows us to stain and address potential problems before they escalate into serious issues.

Beyond just monitoring, our management cloud service ensures that your cloud infrastructure is maintained and optimized. We strive to provide that your cloud systems are managed efficiently, helping you get the most out of your cloud investment.

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Moreover, in today's landscape, where cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and frequent, security management in the cloud has never been more crucial. Our team of experts works tirelessly to mitigate attacks, implementing robust security measures.

With us, your cloud infrastructure is in good hands, cared for with the diligence and expertise it deserves.

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What we can help with

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By logs, the application communicates with us and reports what errors occurred in a particular period. To aggregate and visualize logs, we use:

  • ELK Stack
  • NewRelic
  • Logstash
  • Grafana Loki
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Metrics and Graphs

By monitoring infrastructure metrics, we can prevent a ton of problems. To collect and display infrastructure metrics over time, we use:

  • Prometheus | Grafana
  • Nagios
  • Zabbix
  • CheckMK
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One of the most important stages of monitoring is notifying the team about problems, for such purpose we use:

  • Opsgenie
  • PagerDuty
  • Grafana Alerts
Monitoring solutions
Analysis of business and searc

Before deploying a monitoring solution, we analyze the client's infrastructure and business to optimize project understanding and prioritize system notifications.

Working with the best Hostings
Drawing up an individual monit

Each project is unique, requiring a customized monitoring approach. We identify the ideal tool combination for your specific requirements.

team scalability
Automation of monitoring confi

We automate our setup for effortless scalability, allowing smooth infrastructure expansion and seamless integration of new services for our clients.

From development to support
Use only what you need

Quality metrics are essential for effective problem identification. Excessive metrics can hinder rather than help in this process.

Prioritization of problems

With effective prioritization, we address critical problems 24/7 while non-essential issues are resolved during business hours without impacting application operations.

Follow the best practices

We offer 24/7 monitoring and incident response, providing business owners with peace of mind as our DevOps engineers swiftly restore applications.

Ensure continuous stability

Our dedicated team of experts will promptly detect and resolve any issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Experience peace of mind with our vigilant monitoring services. Contact us today to safeguard your business.

Responsibility area

Our DevOps team comprises multi-cloud experts with in-depth knowledge of Linux, web servers, and application structure and operation. We serve as the essential bridge between clients, their developers, and their infrastructure.

Our responsibilities include:
- Accelerating application development and delivering code to production swiftly.
- Continuously improving and updating the technology stack.
- Reducing errors and crashes in applications.
- Designing fault-tolerant application schemes.
- Enhancing application architecture.

As proactive professionals, we don't wait for clients to assign tasks; we actively propose changes to achieve their goals.

Our responsibilities baner

We are expertise in 24/7 monitoring

Our SRE engineers know how to provide 99.9% uptime

24/7 monitoring refers to continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure, applications, and services round the clock, 365 days a year. It involves the use of automated tools and systems to proactively detect and address any issues, ensuring optimal performance, availability, and security.

24/7 monitoring is crucial for identifying and resolving potential issues promptly, minimizing downtime, and preventing potential disruptions to your business operations. It allows for immediate response to incidents, ensuring continuous service availability and a positive user experience.

With 24/7 monitoring, various aspects of your cloud environment can be continuously monitored, including server performance, network connectivity, application availability, security threats, resource utilization, and system logs.

24/7 monitoring in cloud environments involves the deployment of monitoring tools and agents that collect and analyze real-time data from your infrastructure and applications. This data is then used to generate alerts and notifications, enabling timely intervention and issue resolution.

24/7 monitoring can generate alerts for various types of events, such as server or application downtime, abnormal resource usage, security breaches, performance degradation, and infrastructure capacity thresholds. These alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, or integrated with incident management systems.

Yes, 24/7 monitoring plays a vital role in detecting security threats and breaches in your cloud environment. It enables the monitoring of system logs, network traffic, and user activity, allowing the identification of suspicious behavior or potential security incidents in real-time.

With 24/7 monitoring, incidents can be addressed swiftly, as alerts are triggered immediately when anomalies or issues are detected. This enables your IT team or service provider to respond promptly and initiate necessary actions to mitigate the impact on your business operations.

Yes, 24/7 monitoring is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, continuous monitoring ensures early detection and resolution of issues, minimizing the impact on your business and maintaining a high level of service availability.

Yes, 24/7 monitoring can be customized to align with your specific requirements. You can define monitoring parameters, set thresholds, and establish the desired response actions based on your business needs and priorities.

Rest easy knowing that your systems are under constant surveillance. Our 24/7 monitoring services provide real-time insights into the health, performance, and security of your infrastructure. Our dedicated team of experts will promptly detect and resolve any issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Experience peace of mind with our vigilant monitoring services. Contact us today to safeguard your business with 24/7 monitoring.

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