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what is a cloud engineer

What is a Cloud Engineer

Cloud technologies have become popular as ever - plenty of organizations are considering migrating their applications to the cloud, and even more, have already…

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Server migration

Server migration without downtime

Server migration is always a big deal and requires extra attention on each part of the system. According to International Data Corporation statistics: more tha…

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DevOps thoughts

Nowadays DevOps: thoughts

I’d like to share my emotions and thoughts about working in the system administration and DevOps area of IT. I’ll try to be as clear as possible and will do my…

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secure website and server

Secure website and server properly

Nowadays Internet is full of things and people that want to use results of somebody’s work for their own profit. Modern website and e-commerce business owners …

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configure nginx with tomcat

Configure NginX to host secured Tomcat application with Wordpress on the same Ubuntu server

Imagine you have two web servers on one Ubuntu machine. One of the application uses Apache Tomcat and another - NginX with PHP-FPM. You are going to have both …

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install FTP server

How to Install Ubuntu FTP Server

FTP server is a software used to transfer, upload and download data over the Internet and network. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, it is one of the olde…

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Your connection is not private

How to fix "your connection is not private" on Chrome

Nowadays using SSL on your site is a must-have option. So, if you forgot to renew SSL or there are some problems with your SSL certificate you may see an error…

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Magento Multi Store shop in Docker

Magento Multi-Stor shop in Docker

he owner of the Magento multi-store shop wanted to be ready for big volumes of traffic coming after his marketing campaigns and on Black Friday particularly. T…

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Quick way to resolve Relay Access Denied email error

Emails are one of the most widely used ways of communication nowadays. Especially in the IT industry where everything: starting from meeting schedules ending w…

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What is the difference between L1 L2 and L3 support?

In this blog post, we want to tell you what L1 L2, and L3 technical support is. Also, we would like to tell you how this process works in our company and how w…

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Best Linux Proxy Server

Nowadays using a proxy server could be the must-have option. For the current year, I faced with two situations when the most popular resources were blocked and…

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Guest Posts on our blog

We’re glad to announce that we’re ready to post a couple of your guest posts in our blog, which is gaining its popularity right now. There is one thing we’ve u…

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