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Searched tag: Security
secure website and server

Secure website and server properly

Nowadays Internet is full of things and people that want to use results of somebody’s work for their own profit. Modern website and e-commerce business owners …

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Securing tmp on a linux server

Securing /tmp on a linux server

One of the first things we do here at ITsyndicate is to secure /tmp /var/tmp and /dev/shm to prevent common exploits and rootkits from having their way with a …

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Disabling dangerous PHP functions

Disabling dangerous PHP functions

A powerful language like PHP can give life and great functionality to your site but it can also destroy it. With this guide, we’ll help you disable some of the…

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Linux Malware Detect

Nowadays any Linux shared hosting environment has its potential threats and prevention steps to have your server secured are always a must, in this article, we…

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Wordpress security

Wordpress Security Hardening

Review of ITsyndicate's best practice for Wordpress security hardening. You'll find out how to secure your Linux server and protect from being hacked.

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