Hello dear system administration evangelists!

We’re glad to announce that we’re ready to post a couple of your guest posts on our blog, which is gaining its popularity right now. There is one thing we’ve understood: sharing and spreading information is way more valuable than having it without the ability to tell everyone how awesome it sometimes is. When you share some useful information, which can be used by others:

- System administrators

- DevOps engineers

- Developers, who configure servers themselves

- etc.

You make our industry better in all various ways. When sharing some pieces of advice, which can:

- Help others to improve their projects or solutions;

- Fix a wild-spread bug with some piece of software;

- Get the idea of some new technology or approach;

- Shed the light on some problem, that no one is noticing;

- etc.

You’re bringing value to this information and giving it actual weight. People from all over the globe who might be at this moment seeking for a resolution of some problem, or just having hard times understanding something can run into your article, blog post, or manual and get everything done. Ain’t that really cool?
Please use the contact form below contact us and discuss the topics and areas of your blog posts. Our main expertise and experience are is system administrationDevOpscloud computingmonitoring, and everything connected with Linux servers, clouds, and infrastructures, so we’re posting most of the information across these topics. If you think that you have interesting information in our area or in any kind of other IT technical area, like:

- Development;

- Testing;

- Database management;

- etc.

We’ll be glad to post it on our blog!


- Language: English

- External links: up to 2 links

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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