Nowadays having a server for business is a must-have solution. You can host site, mail or even personal file server like Dropbox. But how much does a server cost for a small business? In this article I will describe how much it costs to setup, maintain and monitor small business server and how to keep it stable and working round the clock.


Initial Server Cost For A Small Business

First of all you should consider which type of server you should buy for your needs. There are:

– cloud servers
– VPS servers
– dedicated servers

Small business server

So what type of server suits your needs? 80% of our customers host one or several small sites on their servers. If this is your story I recommend to purchase VPS server from DigitalOcean or AWS Lightsail. In our article you can check detailed reviews of this alternatives and options comparison. Budget for such small server would be from $10 to $50 per month.

Small business server with some loads

If your business has over several sites, you have pretty good flow of visitors per day or you host sites for your customers – it is better to consider using Dedicated Server from Hetzner or OVH. It is a perfect solution that will cost you from $50 to $150 depends on your needs.

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You can always request a quote from us if you are not sure what server will work for you and which size to select. ITsyndicate team will estimate monthly costs for your business server based on visitors, load and your growth.

After you already have the idea which server works for you, you should consider software installation, configuration and deployment of your site or application on it. You can do it with your own or hire someone for this job. Usually it takes around 10 hours to install and configure everything on your server. Regular rate for this type of job is $50 per hour.

With our proactive server management service you can get working server from $120. Our team will install and configure software on your server and make your site working on it.

So how much does a server cost for a small business in terms of initial setup? Minimal initial budget for small business server will be around $200:

– Hosting: $10 – $150
– Setup and Configuration: $120 – $500


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Recurring Server Cost For A Small Business

Besides monthly hosting cost $10 – $150 you will have server management expenditure. You can find the answer on the question: “Why do you need someone to manage and maintain your server on monthly basis?” in one of our recent articles. But in general 3 – 5 hours per month is more than enough to keep server working, that will cost you about $200 per month.

With our team you can get server maintenance beginning from $49 per month. We will monitor and keep your server running and serve your emergency requests 24\7 .

So how much does a server cost for a small business in terms of monthly management and maintenance? Minimal recurring budget for small business server will be around $50:

– Hosting: $10 – $150
– Monitoring and Maintenance: $50 – $200



Cost for a small business starts from $60 per month and setup from $200. It is not a huge amount of money to expand your services and business online and gain more customers and their money 😉

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