Partnership with CloudFlare


We're happy to announce that we've started a partnership with CloudFlare - the biggest, the most qualitative, and fastest content delivery network, Internet security, and domain name services provider globally! Now you're able to purchase DDoS protection addon and Web Application Firewall as an addon to our management plans with a kind discount!
What is CloudFlare?


CloudFlare provides 4 main features, which are shown on the picture above. We don't think that describing the core and its technical approaches will be interesting for you, as you're able to see and inspect it on CF's website, white papers, and presentations. The main point we're trying to prove is that - using CF is worth it!
If you're seeking for DDoS protection - CloudFlare is probably the best solution for your needs in this pricing category. Please consider that there is no bulletproof protection from DDoS, but the correct configuration of CF in the bundle with web-server configuration will make the mitigation and avoidance of the attack way easier.
Besides that CF provides you with CDN, DNS registrar with one of the lowest TTL, and FREE SSL certificates! (everybody likes the word FREE, right?)
If you're interested in using CF - we're able to help you with integration! Contact our sales department via [email protected] or the contact form for more information!
Live long and prosper!