Running a modern business is all about reliability and uptime. Your server maintenance cost and choice of provider matters a lot. ITsyndicate can provide your business with extended server maintenance, including server preventative maintenance to proactively identify issues before they arise. We are excellent at server maintenance enforcement and always strive to reduce costs while enhancing speed and efficiency.
But how much does server maintenance cost? This depends on the server maintenance service that you use. The monthly server maintenance cost will be a function of your requirements and your provider.

Server Maintenance Email

Your business model might need to focus on server maintenance email services to make sure that all communications are secured. This server maintenance cost can be affordable if you choose the right provider with the best practice server maintenance.

Linux Server Maintenance

Most likely, you will need to look into Linux server maintenance. Linux is an increasingly popular operating system for businesses of all sizes, as it has an increased level of flexibility in comparison to many other servers. But it can be a little difficult to manage due to a lack of expertise. Most network engineers are experienced in other environments.
If you are unsure how much it costs to host a server, then just take a peek at the ITsyndicate pricing page for various server models. It really depends on what you are looking for. A small business server with 2 vCPUs would cost $69 with 4GB ram. A medium business Linux server with 6 vCPUs and 16GB Ram would cost $129.
But you can start small and only pay more capital when your business requirements expand to meet them. You can also look into a server maintenance calculator to give yourself a general idea of the cost.

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