The SSL certificate happens to be a core mechanism by which website transactions can be secured, as communications are privatized with this globally accepted standard for web browsing. It is most commonly seen as a green padlock found on the upper left of browsing sessions.
You can avail of either a 1 year SSL certificate or a 2 year SSL certificate, (as well as many more) and there are a number of SSL certification providers including Amazon Aws and Comodo.
Without one, a ‘phishing’ site could mimic your website, fraudulently acquiring the funds and ruining your business reputation, which may have significant long-term implications. The problem is that these certificates can be difficult to understand and implement unless you know what you are doing.
SSL certificates also confer an associated benefit in the sense that Google will rank pages more favorably. Sites that don’t possess an SSL certificate might generate an online popup error for customers, prompting them to click elsewhere. The error might say something like ‘The page you are attempting to visit is not secure. Do you want to proceed anyway?’. This is a browser-based warning that will definitely serve to turn away potential customers.

Best Place To Buy SSL Certificate

ITsyndicate is the best place to purchase an SSL certificate simply because we are cost-efficient and will also go the extra mile with the installation. This installation can be a little more difficult than one might consider upon first glance. Unless you happen to be a certified web professional familiar with working with such SSL certificates, it is unwise to try your hand with them.
You can go directly to the providers to get the certificates but this may cost more and you don’t get the installation or expert advice. Most of them are large international providers who don’t focus much on small or medium businesses. We can provide you with SSL certificates for Ubuntu, Aws EC2, cPanel, email, and websites in general.

Buy SSL Certificate

For an SSL certificate, you have come to the best possible location. We can walk you through the process and provide the installation for you. We will run you through all you need to know to get set up and running, no matter what industry you are in or what size your business happens to be. Depending on particular business requirements, you will most likely have to investigate the various forms of SSL certificates. The wildcard SSL certificate may be best for you. If unsure, send an email to one of our engineers for further clarity. We are always available to help you out in the event of any issues that arise.

Aws SSL Certificate EC2

You can purchase the Aws SSL certificate EC2 from Amazon, but setting it up can be very difficult to accomplish. We can do it for you at a very competitive price of $49.99 for a one-year certificate, and this includes the installation. We can also provide Aws server management for businesses.

Cheapest Wildcard SSL Certificate

A wildcard SSL certificate is simply one which functions with multiple sites, ideal for large organizations who do not want to mess around with various certificates. You can give copies of your wildcards to as many servers as you wish. The main disadvantage of this is the cost, which can be in the range of $700 and above, depending on the provider.

Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard

ITsyndicate can provide your enterprise with a Comodo PositiveSSL wildcard along with installation, for just $149.99 a year. We offer the cheapest wildcard SSL certificate and our Comodo PositiveSSL is the best around.

e-Commerce SSL Certificate

SSL is especially important for e-Commerce sites, which can have large numbers of customers making transactions. The e-Commerce SSL certificate ensures that all communications between parties and cannot be deciphered by any hackers or cybercriminals. The end result is that consumer details are protected and third parties do not gain access. If this was not the case, then the e-Commerce ecosystem simply would not work.

SSL Certificate Cost

The price can have quite a lot of variance. Some are more secure and will cost more, or they may have a longer expiry date, such as two years as opposed to a single year.
SSL certificates can be cheap, ranging as low as $5 for a single site for a year. But the more well-recognized certificates for multiple sites will cost a lot more. The installation may add a considerable amount to the price, though it could be a cost-saver over the long term.

SSL Certificate Monitoring

If you run a number of sites, then you need to proactively manage your SSL certificates so that all transactions on your site are secure. We can send you an update in terms of when your SSL certs are expiring so your business operations are not exposed.

SSL Certificate Management

SSL certificate management is much like SSL certificate monitoring, except that it also includes additional features. If the cert expires without you knowing about it, then it could easily bode ill for future business. Security is not really an area that permits business owners to get sloppy - one mistake could be very, very costly.

SSL Certificate Error Fix

SSL certificates can be incorrectly configured with Google Chrome, resulting in errors. The SSL certificate will not be recognized by the search engine and may display an error message. This is another benefit of acquiring a professional installation. Should the SSL cert not be recognized by the search engine, then it will not function properly and users will get a security alert.

SSL Certificate For Website

If running just a basic site, then an SSL certificate should be easily obtainable, and you might even get one free for a few months using a trial option. Just make sure to configure it correctly so that it is functioning properly. Online sites simply cannot afford to be without SSL, and many customers will not visit a site without an SSL certificate. Moreover, Google also ranks SSL-certified sites generously in comparison to their non-secured counterparts.

SSL Certificate Reseller

You don’t have to visit the supplier directly in order to obtain an SSL certificate. Simply visit a high-quality third-party SSL certificate reseller such as ITsyndicate. We can fast-track the installation and facilitate any other associated services that you require, such as DevOps, malware cleanup, or remote server management. We can provide server-side management for your front-facing business operations, regardless of what they may be. We like to work with businesses in a symbiotic fashion so that both parties benefit from each other.
There are numerous security modalities to be availed of in order to run a successful online business. You may consider trying out two-factor authentication, password managers, customer credentials, virtual servers, privacy-based search engines, the list goes on. But realistically, an SSL certificate is a prerequisite to online functionality. Without it, your SEO score will suffer heavy damage and customers will turn away from your site in droves.
ITsyndicate knows how to install SSL certificate Linux, how to install SSL certificate Ubuntu, and how to install SSL certificate Cloudflare. As well as this, ITsyndicate has a variety of associated services that we can provide for you in terms of furthering your goals.
These certs are really just the initial step in terms of cyber security and there are a host of diverse methods which may be deployed to maximize online defense.

Free SSL certificate

Our DevOps team has developed its own solution that will allow you to save on the annual renewal of paid certificates. There are countless certificate providers in the world, including free certificates as well. One disadvantage of these certificates is that they are issued for 3 months and you will have to renew them much more often. Our team has automated this process! With our solution, you can forget about a renewal of paid certificates, as free ones will be updated automatically.

There are also numerous methods that can be used to increase the efficiency of your business operations using the right hardware and software combinations. We can walk you through all of these steps if you want to give the team a call.