We provide top-notch DevOps and containerization services that include consulting, solution implementation and its further maintenance and management. Round the clock by the way. ITsyndicate – Devops Consulting Services.

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White Label Support for Development Teams

Whether you’re a company or studio that provide: web development, application development, CMS template development, mobile application development, remote managed development and hosting services – you can expect us to provide you with a dedicated and full server / cloud / container maintenance and management service, so you and your team can focus on your expertise area and service, and we’ll handle everything server and infrastructure related.

Applications Dockerization

If you need to create Docker image than we can easily help you with. We’re able to integrate any code/application with Docker, if that is worth it. We’ve successfully dockerized and released applications based on: CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal; CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel, Symfony, Yii 2, Cake PHP frameworks; Flask, Tornado and Django Python frameworks; React, Angular, Node JavaScript frameworks, etc. Favorable devops consulting pricing. Just tell us what is your project developed with and we’ll think about the best practice approach for it!

Serverless Infrastructure Implementation & Management

Containerization is an approach when your project parts and microservices are not assigned to some single specified host. The so-called Docker-way of project implementation is based on serverless approach, as docker images built from your code and our web-server stack can be deployed to any server of your infrastructure. Such approach guarantees maximum cost efficiency, hardware utilisation and ease if further project growth and scale. Professional devops consulting services.

Container Orchestration and Management Tools

Besides project dockerization we think about its further management and convenience in use. There is a bunch of various tools used for container management and orchestration. Our favorite ones are Rancher, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS/ECR & Docker Swarm, but if you have some custom tool or approach – we’ll be glad to explore something new!

Failover, Redundancy, High Availability and Robust Backup Strategy

We design and configure your infrastructure to work like fault tolerant mechanism. Each component we work with has alternate reserve way of operation in case of failure of the original one. The best price on devops it consulting. Zero-downtime, effective and automated restoration, quick and fail-safe project transfer – anything is possible with the Docker-way approach! We are the best DevOps consulting firm.

Continuous Integration and Delivery as a Basis

In order to be sure that your production releases are bug and error free, the code goes to development and staging environments first, where it’s reviewed and tested by the responsible QA team. Such segregation will allow your development team to catch bugs and issues before they get to live version of the project and lead to bad user experience.

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