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Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code "IaC" by ITSyndicate

ITSyndicate cloud engineers team implements the IaC concept that helps further accelerate the cloud adoption for the project by its use of templates that are pre-configured and pre-authorized. It's an approved starting point for your cloud environments.

Do you have plan "B" in case of problem?

Infrastructure doesn’t belong to the business until it’s described as code! As long as the infrastructure is deployed manually, without automation, there is a strong dependence on your hosting provider. In the case of problems with hosting, the business will need to spend a lot of time restoring the infrastructure!

ITSyndicate team makes you independent by implementing IaC on your project! Thanks to our approach, you can be sure that your business can survive a disaster of any scale.


Our Infrastructure as Code approach:


Cost reduction

Thanks to automation, 80% less time and effort of expensive staff is spent on configuration.


Standardize and scale

Reduce time and makes it easier to spin up a new environment, such as dev, stage, QA, etc.


Security and Documentation

IaC will help you to keep away from undocumented, ad-hoc configuration changes.


Disaster recovery

After implementation, you’ll receive a ready-to-use disaster recovery plan.


Decrease the amount of errors

Iac will help to get rid of errors that arise due to the human factor.


Improve infrastructure harmony

Iac is the missing link in the configuration management system. This approach will help keep the infrastructure up to date.

Advantages of IaC concept

Historically IT infrastructure provisioning has been a time-consuming and expensive manual process. Nowadays major infrastructure management has shifted away from physical hardware and bare-metal servers to virtualization, containers, and cloud infrastructures.

With cloud technologies, the number of infrastructure components has grown significantly, more applications are being released to production every day, and infrastructure needs to be able to be raised, scaled, and taken down repeatedly. Without an IaC approach in place, it becomes excessively difficult to manage the scale of today’s cloud infrastructure.

IaC can help your business to manage IT infrastructure demands while also improving consistency and reducing errors and manual configuration.


Benefits of IaC for Business

Identical Configurations

The same settings for all environments with a single point of control. It'll allow you to get rid of a whole lot of errors during development process.

Faster development and deployment process

You will have the opportunity to create as many environments as you need for developers and testers, so that everyone can perform their tasks without depending on others.

Traceability and Versioning

If you need to modify the infrastructure, you will have total control over the process and will be able to monitor changes. Each change will be given its own version so you can easily revert to the desired stable version at any time.

The Fast Track to Infrastructure Change

Because your infrastructure will have a template from which it was created, your engineers will be much faster to make and apply changes to the infrastructure.

IaC approach is a multi-cloud and non-Vendor-locked solution

Terraform and Terragrunt allows you to choose providers you like and, if necessary, quickly migrate from one hosting to another.

More code, less documentation

Documentation is one of the bottlenecks in almost any project. By implementing infrastructure as a code, your engineers can spend less time on documentation and more time on tasks.

Why should you delegate IaC to our shoulders?

Our Cloud Infrastructure engineers use an integrated approach to automate project processes. Thanks to our experience, knowledge and principles, we will provide your project with reliability, security and flexibility!

Would you like to know more about our services and prices?

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