Everybody has come across this error at some stage. The 502 bad gateway fix error is on that can show up on any browser or device - the error is an error that operates independently of your individual system configuration.
If you want to fix this error, then understand that it is not all that difficult once you know what you are doing. It is related to a server or browser issue. Depending on whether it is a browser or server problem, it will be more difficult to resolve. For a server-related problem, you may need to contact your server hosting provider. For a browser, the steps to be taken are a lot easier.

What is the 502 Bad Gateway Error Anyway?

What the error actually means is that one internet server did not receive a response from another. The error/problem message will display inside the browser. There are a number of common fixes to this error and a number of reasons why this problem can occur. A gateway is simply a connection point. A gateway error means that there is a communication problem between one server and another server.
Note that there are many variants of this kind of error. These include error 502 bad gateway Joomla, error 502 bad gateway Laravel, error 502 bad gateway Laravel Nginx, error 502 bad gateway Nginx, error 502 bad gateway Nginx WordPress, error 502 bad gateway PHP, error 502 bad gateway AWS, error 502 bad gateway AWS elastic beanstalk, error 502 bad gateway CloudFlare, error 502 bad gateway docker, and error 502 bad gateway error WordPress.
In addition, the 502 bad gateway error might display in a variety of error or problem formats, including:

“502 Bad Gateway”

“HTTP Error 502 - Bad Gateway”

“502 Service Temporarily Overloaded”

“Error 502”

“502 Proxy Error”

“HTTP 502”

“502 Bad Gateway NGINX”

Your browser of choice can also be a problem. Chrome is a browser. Safari is a browser. Internet Explorer is a browser. Opera is a browser. And all of these browsers deliver different kinds of browser messages. The issues might not even be browser-related. It could be a function of the server. A server 502 error is different from a browser 502 error. In each instance, you will have to troubleshoot the problem. The browser problem is a lot easier to contend with. You may simply have to reload the page or delete cookies to solve a browser error. A server-level error is far more problematic than a browser issue. You have to do manual testing to troubleshoot a server error or contact a hosting provider to resolve a server error.

502 Bad Gateway WordPress

In the majority of instances, the 502 error occurs as a result of an internet server error, which is an error that has nothing to do with you. However, the error could also be a result of your personal browser or server configuration (for example, if you are hosting your own site). In this case, you need to troubleshoot the error yourself.
The frequent 502 bad gateway WordPress error also happens to services including Twitter and Gmail. But because it is so common, the 502 bad gateway WordPress problem is not so difficult to troubleshoot. Remember, if your site is down for a long time with a 502 bad gateway error, then it will have negative consequences for SEO. This gateway error could severely impact your rankings.
The most common fixes to this gateway error are to reload the page and clear your cache. If this does not work to resolve the gateway error, then try to ensure that the DNS name is pointing to the correct IP address. An incorrectly configured DNS name is typical when you are migrating your WP site to a new database server. All you have to do on Windows is open up your command prompt and type in ‘ipconfig /flushdns’. Mac users can type in ‘dscacheutil -flushcache’ into the command prompt for a similar result. This could solve the gateway error.
However, the most common reason for a gateway 502 error is due to a web hosting issue. Many of these providers will implement ‘killscripts’, for a variety of purposes (namely to save resources if the host becomes overloaded with requests). You might want to consider the professional and cost-efficient services of ITsyndicate, which can provide WordPress hosting for you with a 99.95% server uptime. If a gateway problem or gateway error arises, we will deal with it quickly.
Finally, a 502 bad gateway error on WordPress might occur due to a problem with your firewall or content delivery network. This can be resolved quickly by temporarily disabling your content delivery network and/or firewall to remove the gateway error. You may also want to disable plugins, as bad code can be the problem that is resulting in these 504 gateway errors. You do not want to deal with this kind of gateway error all the time.

Bad Gateway WordPress Nginx

This gateway error is similar to the general WordPress 502 error. If you have reset the cache and cookies and also ensured that the DNS name is correct, you will need to contact your provider to catch this gateway error. The 502 bad gateway Nginx WordPress error simply means that the server operates on Nginx. It basically means that there is communication between Nginx and PHP. When this communication is interrupted, it results in a 502 bad gateway Nginx WordPress.
In addition to the steps outlined above, make sure that PHP is actually running. You might even need to reinstall PHP to remove the gateway error. Make sure that PHP is listening correctly by opening the Nginx server configuration file and investigating that the fastcgi_pass parameter is identical to the value in the listen parameter contained in the www.conf file.
Don’t attempt to do this unless you are a web professional with experience, as it could turn out to be very messy, costing you time and money in the process. This gateway error has to be solved professionally, so the gateway problem does not crop up again.

502 Bad Gateway Cloudflare

With Cloudflare, the gateway problem/error is easier to spot. Cloudflare displays two gateway error messages, one gateway error message when there is a problem with Cloudflare, and the other gateway error message when there is a problem with the host. If there is a gateway problem/error with Cloudflare, then you should reach out to them for support. Otherwise, you should go through the same steps outlined for the WordPress bad gateway error.

502 Bad Gateway Aws

In most cases, an error with Aws is a result of too much traffic on the server. If you are experiencing an error, then you might consider enabling access logs on the load balancer to resolve the error. This will enable you to troubleshoot where the error is coming from. The error will be generated from the load balancer or from the application servers, in which case you need to contact the owners to get rid of the error.
Bad gateways on Aws, WordPress, or Cloudflare can be a major problem for you, and the error will keep recurring unless you get a professional to remove the error.
Consider hosting with ITsyndicate so you don’t have to worry about a gateway error like this all the time. Server uptime is nearly 100% and we proactively manage our servers, so your web hosting is never a problem. There is no gateway error with WordPress, no gateway error with Aws, no gateway error with Cloudflare, and no gateway error with Nginx when collaborating with our team.