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how to install ssl with nginx

How to Install Let's Encrypt …

I will try to describe several useful settings that will make configuration easy and smart. I will use different commands that will be executed due to the Ubun…

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apache and nginx

Apache and Nginx: what, when …

Compare Apache and NginX web-servers and learn the differences between them. Explore what web-server you should use if you have dynamic content on your website…

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aws scalable wordpress

AWS Scalable Wordpress Environment

Review of ITsyndicate's best practice for creating AWS scalable Wordpress environment. We'll tell how we implement some kind of scaling and load balancing

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simple SSL

Automated LetsEncrypt SSL installation with …

Learn how to set up the LetsEncrypt SSL certificate with Ansible in several steps.

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Who is DevOps

What is DevOps?

What is DevOps ? Who is DevOps ? At a certain point each ops asks: «Who am I ?», «Why am I here ?» and «What shall I do ?» and this causes controversy and deba…

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CentOS version

How to check CentOS version …

Releases - Versions - Numbers - Kernels/How to get CentOS version number.

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Continuous integration

What is Continuous Integration?

Understand the difference between Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Find out how GitHub or any other repo works with CI & CD tools and what lies …

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Server optimization

What is server optimization?

The modern business world has already conquered the vastness of the Internet. But the creation of a website that generates profit is not all that is necessary …

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Are you ready for SSL HTTPS era

IMPORTANT: Are you ready for …

Google continues to force users move their websites under SSL certificates. To improve security or to get more money from paid ones? That's not the point, as i…

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Wordpress security

Wordpress Security Hardening

Review of ITsyndicate's best practice for Wordpress security hardening. You'll find out how to secure your Linux server and protect from being hacked.

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How to Install Let's Encrypt …

This is a step-by-step instruction of how to install Let's Encrypt SSL with NginX on your Ubuntu 16.04 or Ubuntu 18.04 (both are popular LTS releases). I will …

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Partnership with CloudFlare

We're happy to announce that we've started a partnership with CloudFlare - the biggest, the most qualitative and the fastest content delivery network, Internet…

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